Keep track of progress!

You’ll be lucky enough to arrive in an exceptional, brand-new villa, and you can even follow the work! Work ends mid-April 2024. Doors open on May 4, 2024.

Progress of work

May 7, 2023

We dug a hole so deep that even the moles were jealous! 🕳️

May 28, 2023

The foundations are in place, and the villa is taking root like a giant tree. 🌳

June 4, 2023

Foundation work continues and the pool begins 🏊‍♂️!

June 25, 2023

The concrete slab has been poured, and now we can say that it can only go up! 🏗️

August 15, 2023

We’re starting to build the foundations of the ground floor – it’s like building a castle for the villa! 🏰

October 8, 2023

The foundations of the 1st floor are in place, so it’s a new ‘floor’ of success! 🏢

October 12, 2023

The framework is taking shape and the tiles have been laid. The lawn has been sown! 🏡🪄

November 4, 2023

The lawn has grown, several trees have been planted, insulation is underway, and the pool wing shines in the sun. 🌳🏡🏊‍♂️☀️

December 3, 2023

The insulation and walls are starting to take shape!!!! ♨️🔥

December 23, 2023

The site is a week ahead of schedule. The villa will be completely finished in the first week of April, 3 weeks before opening 😎🎊

January 25, 2024

Underfloor heating is currently being installed. The most comfortable way of heating in winter and cooling in summer… for your comfort. The screed is poured. 🔥🌬️🏠

February 1, 2024

The screed is dry on the underfloor heating system, which will be up and running in 15 days. The foundations for the outside terrace have been laid. The main switchboards are already in place. The same as originally planned! Recognize them? 🏠🌞🖼️

February 11, 2024​

The 2.90mx1.60m Lafuge cherrywood American billiard table is on site, as is the French Tradition pewter countertop by Etainier Tourangeau. Both pieces are exceptional! The living room, pool wing and upstairs are being painted. The garden and terrace on a beautiful winter’s day. 🎱🌟🎨🏡

March 3, 2024

The staircase has been installed, as has the interior cladding, the swimming pool ceiling is complete and the pool has been uncovered once more. Flooring and painting on the first floor are well advanced, as are the tiles and earthenware in the bathrooms. 🏗️🏊‍♂️🖌️

April 03, 2024

The plastering is done, the pool is in water, the olive tree is planted and the interior painting is finished. The Villa is ready for furnishing. 😊🏊‍♂️🌿

April 15, 2024

T0 – 12 days

The driveway is groomed, the kitchen is partly installed, the pool is up to temperature, the bathrooms are almost finished, and the countertop has arrived. There’s still a lot of work to be done, but the Villa is on the home stretch… 😊

April 18, 2024

T0 – 8 days

The kitchen is finished, the pool table is installed, as is the counter 🎱

April 21, 2024

T0 – 4 days

The Balzac and Calder rooms are finished. The driveway is finished.

April 22, 2024

T0 – 3 days

The Da Vinci bedroom is finished. The living room is in the home stretch.

April 23, 2024

T0 – 2 days

The living room is finished, as is the dining room, and the whole wing takes on perspective, all the way to the pool. Only 2 days to go before the inauguration.

April 24, 2024

T0 – 1 days

The last two headboards have arrived! The Diane bedroom features a magnificent piece of woodwork in solid oak. The Klimt bedroom is highlighted by a half-wood, half-brushed metal headboard.